A Safe Jobsite is a Clean Jobsite: 百乐博app Employee-Owners Act Fast to Get Critical Supplies to Projects

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As our nation works together to stop the spread of COVID-19, construction firms have been given a tall order: to maintain workers’ safety during a pandemic while also building essential structures that allow society to function. In more ways than one, 百乐博app is taking a hands-on approach to keeping our employee-owners safe on the jobsite.

百乐博app Employee-Owners Devin Brunzie and Roger Richi label and cap hand sanitizer bottles
百乐博app Employee-Owners Devin Brunzie and Roger Richi bottle hand sanitizer to be distributed to projects

“安全 looks different now. There’s no way around it,”奥马尔说 Percy, Health, 安全 and Environment (HS&E) Manager for 百乐博app’s 运输 Group. “We have to treat our COVID-19 preventive and protective measures just like we would fall protection or trench safety.”

In addition to several company-wide COVID-19 response measures, 百乐博app has taken direct action to keep every project as sanitary as possible. “With construction deemed essential, we needed to do the right thing and get out ahead of this,”奥马尔说. 这个问题? Most cleaning and hygiene supplies were sold out, not just in certain regions but across the country. “So, we got on the phones, the whole HS&E小组, and started calling as many different vendors as we could to get the supplies our projects needed.”

Rick Garcia sits at a table labeling and capping hand sanitizer bottles.

First on the list was finding enough hand sanitizer for every 百乐博app field employee as well as every subcontractor working alongside them. 具体的商品&E经理 Shawn Werner found a local solution—more local than he first realized. Through a Facebook post from a neighbor down the street, Shawn was introduced to an industrial cleaning supply company with operations in Tempe, Denver and El Paso that was just starting to produce hand sanitizer, a shift that many companies have made to meet current demand. “It turns out this person who lives on the other side of my neighborhood works for them. So, I met up with him and said, ‘Hey, we need this ASAP. How much can you guys provide?’ His response was basically, ‘How much do you need?'”

Soon after that conversation, 百乐博app received its first order of five 55-gallon drums of sanitizer at its Phoenix warehouse. Warehouse Manager Rick Garcia and his crew quickly set about finding the most efficient method to get the material into 4-ounce bottles for distribution to projects. Cutting one drum in half, the crew built a drip system to expedite the process. In less than 24 hours of receiving the shipment, Rick’s team had bottled, labeled and shipped over 1,170 bottles to our projects across multiple states. 一个星期内, they had sent out over 4,000瓶, ensuring that every employee on a 百乐博app jobsite had their own.

hand sanitizer drip system made of 55-gallon drum cut in half

Another essential jobsite safety measure is disinfecting, especially for high-contact spaces and surfaces. On construction sites, these include work areas as well as tools and equipment which are vital for projects to continue. Terry “Zeke” Smith, Project HS&E经理, used his contacts from many years in the industry to track down over 200 gallons of high-power disinfectant concentrate. In less than a week’s time, Zeke was able to procure this concentrate and send it to our operations in Phoenix, El Paso and San Antonio for mixing and redistribution to all 百乐博app projects.

“This virus is going to be part of our world for the foreseeable future,”奥马尔说 Percy. “And we’re learning a lot about how resilient we are, how we can respond individually, and how we need to adapt as a company to protect our people. So far, our projects and support teams have done a great job.”