Innovative 混凝土 Work and Team Chemistry Drive 百乐博app|PCL Progress on Salt Lake City 水 Project

 |  创新, 可持续性, 水处理
低点在20年代, 摄制组正在遵循寒冷天气规程, using ground frost heaters and concrete blankets to heat rebar before placement and then cure concrete above 50 degrees for seven days.

价值超过5亿美元, Salt Lake City’s new 水 Reclamation Facility (WRF) is a massive public infrastructure project that will have wide-ranging benefits for the community. 在五年的重建期间, 百乐博app and joint-venture partner PCL Construction will use nearly 113,000立方码的混凝土和16,500 tons of reinforced steel—almost double the amount of concrete and a third of the steel used in the Empire State 建筑. 项目目标为预想白金和LEED金, the new WRF is also designed to meet new environmental standards, 同时提高投资回报率,降低纳税人的成本.

建筑 a green mega-project, however, doesn’t necessarily mean adding huge costs or complexity. 百乐博app|PCL crews have been recycling demolished concrete and 使用其他当地更可持续的材料. Often, the most sustainable options are simply the most efficient or “leanest” to build. 找到这些选项的能力, 在某些情况下, 创造新的——是一个有能力的建设者的标志. This is the case with our team’s recent self-perform concrete work on the WRF’s new Biosolids Storage Facility.

百乐博app 混凝土“建造一个更好的捕鼠器”

在2020年初, 百乐博app 混凝土 Superintendent Brady Terry saw the need for a better formwork method, 所以他决定自己创造一个. “在过去, we’ve always used particle board and form stakes to build our construction joints, 消耗大量木材和木桩,布雷迪说. “When you have hundreds of stakes protruding above the formwork, 他们阻碍了完成者. They also create an impalement hazard, so you have to use hundreds of plastic bar guards.” Stripping and disposing of the formwork also took time and energy.


解决方案? Remove the need for stakes and particle board altogether. “The new system uses perforated metal StayForm and Unistrut to hold everything in place,布雷迪说. “安置完毕后, 你只需要移除UniStrut的括号和顶部的2×4, 其他一切都保持原样. 然后你就可以重复使用了.”

The idea was met with enthusiasm by 百乐博app Vice President and 混凝土 Operations Manager Danny Gumm. Brady and Danny developed the drawings with help from 百乐博app’s VDC team and then tested the prototype with 百乐博app craft, WRF项目作为其首航获得批准.

“We’ve now placed over half of our slab on grade with this method, and it’s proven very productive while also minimizing material and waste,布雷迪说. “We’ve completed the same amount of linear feet as the traditional method in about a third of the time.”

 “在以前类似的项目中, the form system would typically require two to three times more effort for the stripping process than building the system to begin with. 这也造成了巨大的混乱, as 100% of the lumber/particle board would have to be destroyed in the stripping process. The clean-up alone would take quite a few man-hours and reduce productivity. This new process is faster, safer and better quality than what we’ve done in the past.” 

– 百乐博app Vice President and 混凝土 Operations Manager Danny Gumm

JV Partner PCL Brings 分享d Culture, Complementary Strengths

Coming off of a recent wastewater treatment project with 百乐博app in Arizona, PCL Construction was the ideal JV partner for a project the size and importance of Salt Lake City’s WRF. The facility will be able to process 56 million gallons of water per day and serve over 200,周边地区有000名居民.

“We came in with a strong relationship with 百乐博app’s 工业 Group,PCL的施工经理Shayne Waldron说. “两家公司都是员工所有, and that translates to shared values and a mutual desire to constantly improve our processes. 这在布雷迪的混凝土作品中表现得很明显, and we see this dynamic from both sides throughout the site.”

aerial view of a biosolids storage facility under construction during winter
A drone image from December shows the biosolids storage facility under construction, where craft professionals from 百乐博app and PCL are working side by side. The large containment area will hold biosolids after they’re removed during the water treatment process. From here, they will be hauled away and used for industrial/agricultural purposes.

As each company learns from and builds on each other’s strengths, a process of “iron sharpening iron” is taking place on this project. 包括混凝土在内的自执行人员, 地球的工作, equipment setting and pipe setting are all a mixture of PCL and 百乐博app craft professionals, with each side bringing their own unique skills and best practices.

PCL’s expertise will be especially valuable as the team shifts its focus to other important scopes, 包括40-foot-deep, 7-foot-diameter tunnel that will run nearly a mile long underneath the site. 这将使用微隧道建造, 非开挖施工方法, and will serve as a main artery for incoming wastewater to be processed at the facility.

“PCL has proven experience in tunnel construction,” said Shayne. Currently pricing and performing constructability reviews on the tunnel, the team will soon be ready to tackle another major scope. “毫无疑问,这将是具有挑战性的, but I know the team here has the combined ability to get the job done. 到目前为止, I’m really impressed with what we’ve been able to accomplish together—and I think our client is as well.”